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Why work at Jekyll?

At Jekyll we believe in making your journey together with the best people. Year after year we ensure that the Team makes a Company and the Company makes a Team.

We are a team of professionals specialized in different areas and united by the ambition to change the world through Startups. A mix of backgrounds in engineering, business and communication, with an innovative approach that makes us speak the same language.

Within Jekyll you will find different teams focused on creating new digital businesses with the same passion as if it was their own, always guided by high quality standards and an endless desire to continue evolving.

If you love the world of startups, you want to work with new business models and you are as excited about the technological revolution that we live in as we are, here you will find your place.

At Jekyll you will always find a new challenge to face and determination will be essential, but we can assure you that each day will be different from the last. And the next. We are looking for better people than us, eager to learn and teach, taking on projects from scratch and turning them into successes.

About the job.

We are looking for a Senior Mobile Developer capable of managing projects and lead the team to new levels of knowledge and quality.

Skills in problem solving and facing daily new challenges, working independently to take decisions, and dedication to detail.



Skills in problem solving and facing daily new challenges, working independently to take decisions, and dedication to detail.



Proven experience in leadership and coordination of business teams with front end and back end.



Expert in iOS and Android development, knowledge of back end technologies Php/Mysql/Mongo/Symfony2/Laravel/CI


Associated team

In coordination with a Project Manager, managing a team of specialists.



Full-time contract, we reward talent and achievements with money and responsibility.



Our Barcelona Lab is located in Port Vell, by the sea and surrounded by international talents.


Our firm commitment has been with us since the beginning. We use everything that's in our reach to ensure that everybody grows in Jekyll.

The environment, physical space and growth are the three areas that we take special care of so that the talent comes and stays.


Work environment

You will find a welcoming environment, 100% toxic-free, with a positive and enriching team.


Happy Space

Our workspaces are functional but above all, beautiful. And coffee is always free ;)



With our Forever Learning promise we are committed to training inside and outside the company.

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