Prescription glasses in 48h
without stepping foot in the optician's office.

The Challenge.

To achieve a smooth and optimized process, with every guarantee, so that the purchase of your prescription glasses becomes a unique experience.

The Result.

An e-commerce with a careful selection of trendy glasses with at-home try-on, a smooth process of scanning your prescription online and shipping in 48 hours.


The Big Truth.

Prescription glasses at the tail end
of online processes.

One of the major challenges in online commerce is the optimization of logistics, where all companies try to shorten their delivery times to improve the user experience beyond the product.

The online prescription eyewear sector has several characteristics that complicate the processes and therefore the delivery times. It is a medical device that must be handled by qualified personnel and that requires customized production for each purchase.

Today we have passed the 24h barrier and an increasing number of players are trying to implement same day shipping, using new last mile solutions that help them to improve their delivery times day by day.

In practice this means that the average delivery time for prescription glasses purchased in an e-commerce is 15 days, and this translates into frustration for users accustomed to much shorter delivery times.


The Dna.

Prescription designer glasses,
at your door in 48 hours


Try them on and fall in love.

We send up to 4 frames for home testing to users who wish to try them. This facilitates decision making and optimizes the process and delivery times.


Glasses' prescription, free of charge.

Our technology allows you to use your smartphone to scan your glasses and know exactly your prescription. Guaranteed.


The entire process, in 48 hours.

The optimization down to the last detail of the processes involved in the creation, calibration and shipment, allows us to be the first company to be able to cut delivery time down to 48 hours.


An e-commerce that shakes up the industry.

The first brand of prescription glasses that combines design, processes and technology.

ATTAWAY is a new online prescription glasses brand focused on improving and optimizing the shopping experience, from start to finish. Each collection is carefully designed. A selection of the highest quality components.

A revolutionary at-home try-on and prescription scanning experience, and delivery times that were unimaginable until now, make ATTAWAY the new industry benchmark.


100% tailor made.

A customized and modular development, without templates, without shortcuts, to provide an experience that fits our users like a glove.



This technology allows you to scan the prescription of your glasses in just a few minutes, without leaving your home and with your own smartphone.


Looks good.

They're not just prescription eyewear on the market, they're also the latest in fashion. Technology that supports fashion.

Key functionality.


Our revolutionary "secret sauce". Scan the prescription of your current glasses, from your PC or smartphone, without leaving your home, so you can receive your glasses in record time.


Key functionality.

Inverted Discount.

Have you ever shopped at a store where the further you progress through the checkout process, the cheaper your product gets? At Attaway it is a reality. What is fair is fair.


The Change

Attaway is revolutionizing the eyewear industry with its visionary technology and a limitless future.

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