How we raise our
pulse with Bacco.

The Challenge.

Offer leisure experiences to locals and tourists that will leave a mark, investing spare time in exciting entertainment, creating
lasting memories.

The Result.

A platform where you can book the most original experiences and discover the offer that makes each city unique, avoiding franchise tours and ready-made offers.


The Big Truth.

killed idiosyncrasy.

The Millennial audience has completely changed the list of vital priorities. The classic trinomial of their parents' happiness (house-family-car) has disappeared, and for 80% of this audience, experiences and travel
are a priority.

The potential to travel increases, but on these trips, 57% acknowledge that they want to live experiences, much more than visit monuments or museums, traditionally the main attractions for the average tourist.

Leisure and the way we consume it has become increasingly standardised and the centre of most cities around the world are full of franchises and completely standardised venues.

As an example, Starbucks went from having 16,000 coffee shops in 2008 to 31,000 in 2019. In response to these increasingly identical town centres, users seek handmade experiences that leave a lasting mark on their lives.


The Dna

Long live genuine things.
Let's celebrate the things
that make each place unique.


Only leisure offers validated by locals.

The Experiences and Spots on Bacco have been curated by the team. If they're on Bacco, they've tried them and they gave
them 5 stars.


Gastronomy or WOW experiences.

Looking for something to do is increasingly tedious and repetitive. Bacco was born to you need more days and not plans to enjoy your spare time.


Feed the freak that lives within you.

Online exhibitions, military recreations or DIY? New ways of enjoying your most peculiar hobbies, neatly classified.


A tool for Disrupting the market.

The place where experiences create memories

On Bacco, you'll only find incredible experiences that ensure quality leisure time. The goal is to make a trip to a destination or enjoying your own city a more authentic experience. If there's less and less spare time, it's important to fill it with meaningful experiences that create lifelong relationships
and memories.

Bacco is a webapp where you can find experiences and spots. The experiences are more active, the most varied proposals, organised by theme to guide you in selecting an activity according to your tastes. The Spots are a network of venues and spaces that make each city a peculiar universe, organised by the time of day.


100% Tailored.

A tailored and modular development, without templates or shortcuts, to shape an experience that fits users like a glove.


Api Rest.

Api Rest technology, which guarantees scalability and standardisation. A guarantee to grow when and how we want.


Real Time.

We know that nobody likes waiting. That's why all our searches are in real-time. Find what you want now.

Key Feature

Experiences for
Instagram Lovers.

The experiences on Bacco aren't only high impact, they're also a visual experience. Spaces managed by passionate teams with a visual taste that ensure content for the most influential Instagrammers
and Tiktokers.


Key Feature


Select a plan with friends, for a bachelor party, because you're turning 30. A wishlist of dream experiences is the first step
to fulfiling them all.


Key Feature

Curated Spot Routes.

Routes through the most relevant gastronomy points of interest, with the most exciting out-the-box offer in the city, organised and always validated
by local profiles.


The Change

Bacco has consolidated its position in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. With over 300 super curated plans, it's the online space to discover a city.

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