The revolution of E-Sports

The Challenge.

To address the growing e-sports industry by creating a community of gamers to exchange information and experiences about video games.

The Result.

The first e-sports training platform where the most advanced users monetize their knowledge by training inexperienced users who want to progress.


The Big Truth.

When your hobby is
your profession you pay
to become the best.

At the national level, this sector had a cumulative increase of 140% in pre-covid years and a more than estimable 33% increase in jobs directly linked to this sector during 2021. A completely new industry that is consolidating.

It is a hobby that began as a niche, but is becoming transversal to a generation in which everyone consumes video games and content associated with gaming.

E-sports are starting to become a more than serious profession for many users who dedicate their day to training, competing and broadcasting, and are increasingly taken seriously as professionals in the world of entertainment.

Currently, content creation generates income in a pyramid-shaped way: a few earn real fortunes while other advanced profiles are not yet able to make a living from it. However, the hunger for gamer content is greater than the supply. A full-fledged market opportunity.


The Dna

Training. Content. Monetization.
The Gamer Mastery.


Train gamers.

Every gamer can offer training to another user who has a lower level. It is the fastest way to monetize the gaming experience.


Generate content.

Generation of content, broadcasts and reviews to reach large groups. Communities of like-minded followers.



Every minute playing counts: the more a user can teach and tell, the more to offer training and content.


An App that shakes up the industry.

The streaming platform
everyone was waiting for.

Gamestry is the gamers platform that changes the paradigm for creators and fans. It offers a new free space where entertainment, training and information go hand in hand with a much more balanced monetization system. A platform to broaden the horizons of the one who broadcasts and the one who views.

Sorted by games, levels and categories: any user can be a creator and consumer and generate a community with which to build unforgettable digital experiences and make a living from their passion.


100% custom made.

A customized and modular experience, without templates, without shortcuts, to shape a user interface that fits like a glove to our user.


Smart deal.

Gamification of gamification. Every content and training generator has its space to monetize fairly.


Happy Selling.

Creating a community to whom offering a different point of view generates multiple options for players. We believe in diversity well paid.

The Change

With more than 5 million dollars raised, Gamestry is emerging as one of the most promising gaming companies in the United States.

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