How we boost Salespeople
into the
New Age.

The Challenge.

Help salespeople to show their business development skills. Turn them into a key role capable of driving the growth of the company that hires them.

The Result.

The first job site that's 100% focused on attracting sales talent. A space where companies can map out their internal culture to bid on sales Rockstars.


The Big Truth.

The Sales Force is the engine of business growth.

The Sales Force is the engine of business growth. 25% of the offers in the general job websites are for sales roles, which frustrates candidates who receive low-quality offers or compete with thousands of unskilled candidates.

Sales profiles with the best metrics accumulate 20+ years of experience. The sales industry isn't experiencing a generational replacement: it isn't an attractive or aspirational career path among Millennials or Generation-Zers.

In turn, the companies that need to expand their sales department find themselves with a recruiting process that lasts 41 days, compared to the 33-day average in other industries; 24% more than the other industries.

62% of sales job offers look for candidates between 26 and 35. But this profile needs more than a salary and high percentages: they expect a purpose that supports the sale and a valued career in the future.


The Dna

Priority shift. Shows the world why you sell, not how much.


The efficient recruitment process.

21st-century tools and simple service for both parties. Processes created Ad-hoc, without the legacy of the 2000s.


The best investment: Employer Branding.

The company can show its day to day to find the piece it's missing. Transparency is no longer an extra, it's essential.


Specialisation to the limit.

The sales industry includes different profiles, that's why there's a deep knowledge of the industry from within in our DNA.


A tool that shakes the industry.

Sales force: organisational
chart favourites.

The change we were after with GetSellers was to give sales professionals the space they deserve in their own job site. Completely candidate-oriented, they can choose where they want to work and align their purpose with that of their next company's culture.

With a fresh and neat User Experience, we design simple processes that achieve quality conversion. Tailored development with spike-proof technology and an ultra-fast data load provide optimal desktop and smartphone browsing.


100% Tailored.

A tailored and modular development, without templates or shortcuts, to shape an experience that fits users like a glove.


Api Rest.

Api Rest technology, which guarantees scalability and standardisation. A guarantee to grow when and how we want.


Real Time.

We know that nobody likes waiting. That's why all our searches are in real-time. Find what you want now.

Key Feature

AI Candidate

Candidate profiling using skill tests and smart CVs. Are you a Farmer or a Hunter? Farmer profiles make client portfolios profitable and Hunter profiles bring new ones, a quality leap in candidate filtering.


Key Feature

Company Reviews.

Real company reviews provided by employees. A window to the company's day to day so you can choose the organisation where you can invest your sales talent.


Key Feature

Digital Letter
of Recommendation

Stop manual and obsolete Letters of Recommendation. One of the most important steps is having good references. At Getsellers we made them digital, immediate and viral.


The Change

GetSellers is the first job site that specialises in Sales Profiles nationwide, changing the landscape of the industry's job hunt.

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