How we got you fall in love
with your home again.

The Challenge.

Turn interior design into an investment for all budgets and anywhere in the world, to align each room with the soul of the person who inhabits it.

The Result.

A 100% online interior design service on a collaborative platform that assigns the ideal interior designer, transforming cold rooms into spaces full of happiness.


The Big Truth.

Interior design is only for the wealthy who live in mansions.

Traditionally, interior design projects were linked with well-off property owners. Meanwhile, Millennials leave the idea of buying a home behind, creating a new scenario full of young
tenant families.

In a time when only 11% consider their current residence permanent where they stay an average of 6 years, everything becomes ephemeral. In addition, renting implies great restrictions on changes and décor.

The time a young person spent at home in 2012 was 2 weeks longer than one in 2003. Millennials prioritise leisure at home and seek maximum comfort and customisation of their homes, in line with their lifestyle and aesthetic taste.

The expected growth in home furniture sales will reach $ 1,080 M in 2050, a 48.5% increase. With increasingly smaller homes, people opt for minimalism, non-intrusive solutions and cheap but
stylish décor.


The Dna

Interior design for everyone.
The joy of coming back to
your comfort zone.


Interior design for
all budgets.

Democratising is offering a good service at a price that most can afford. From € 99 per room for a priceless change.


Order in the chaos of the creative process.

Linear processes to extract the client's needs and aesthetic taste, so that the décor proposal is a success the first time.


Only tailored projects.

Without templates or pre-made compositions. Each project reflects the soul of the person who inhabits it. No two are the same.


A tool for Disrupting the market.

An interior design hub to bring comfort to the whole world.

At Hapytat, there are interior designers from all over the world ready to turn each room into a new experience. Customer can start pouring room details in through an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

An extremely easy process that organises the two main aspects: aesthetics and use. To rationalise the project, using the interior design wizard and simple formats to fill in, users can effortlessly pour in all of their ideas.


100% Tailored.

A tailored and modular development, without templates or shortcuts, to shape an experience that fits users like a glove.


Api Rest.

Api Rest technology, which guarantees scalability and standardisation. A guarantee to grow when and how we want.


Real Time.

We know that nobody likes waiting. That's why all our searches are in real-time. Find what you want now.

Key Feature

Stunning Rooms.

Decorating room by room is the key to making the transformation gradual and affordable for everyone. The process adjusts to each type of room and the information is processed seamlessly.


Key Feature

Décor for hosts.

A plan designed for hosts and owners who want to give their rental property a special touch. Business-oriented décor to compete with other properties
in the area.


Key Feature

Style assistant.

Explaining aesthetic tastes is not always easy. The style assistant extracts tastes and needs from clients to assign them the perfect interior designer, with a 96% success rate
in the diagnosis.


The Change

Hapytat has brought over 100 international interior designers together, who offer their services in over 12 countries.

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