How do we change the
way you sell your home with Prontopiso.

The Challenge.

Streamline traditional home sale processes as a result of which sellers must wait more than a year to receive their money.

The Result.

An agile user experience and a process that allows you to control the sale of your home in real time so you can receive your money in 90 days.


The Big Truth.

When you decide to sell
your home, you want the money right away.

Traditionally, selling a house is a long, manual and in most cases frustrating process. It is a succession of bureaucratic procedures and negotiations that make even the most resilient person despair.

Also, for most people, selling their home has a strong emotional character due to the experiences they had with family and friends in it.

According to studies carried out by the main real estate portals, 84% of people take less than one year to sell their home, 10% take between one and two years, and the remaining 6% take more than two years.

When they finally decide to take the step of selling, they find that it is not a door they open to close immediately, but that months and months of delay and uncertainty await them until they receive their money.


The Dna.

Shortening deadlines.
Centralizing information.



All the information on the status of the sale in a single app. Sale status, buyer visits, all just a tap away.


Days, not years.

A fully optimized conversion and execution pipeline, so that selling your home does not become yet another problem.


Perfect timing.

The value of your house varies over time. Choose the best time to sell based on your neighbors' home appraisals.


A tool for Disrupting the market.

The secret spy that
controls the value of your home.

Prontopiso is an app to manage, in a centralized way, the sale of your new house on the market. We detect the main bottlenecks in the sales process and streamline processes to provide simple and transparent information.

From the initial appraisal of the property in real time to the management of visits by potential buyers and the signing at the notary's office. A 100% digital process to choose the best time and sell your home quickly and easily.


Customized 100%.

A tailored and modular experience, without templates, without shortcuts, to shape a user interface that fits our user like a glove.


Smart deal.

Gamification of the sales process allows you to monitor the value of your properties to sell at the right time.


Happy Selling.

Constant monitoring of sales intentions, which represents a revolution for professional real estate sales teams.

Key Feature

District Inspector.

Get to know in real time the selling price of your home based on the current state of the market. Compare it with other nearby properties to choose the best time to sell.


Key Feature

Realtime Market.

Take better decisions based on your home appraisal statistics. Get personalized notifications and become the smartest broker in town.


Key Feature

Time to Market.

Automate the visits of potential buyers, with an automated calendar control system to close the sale in a fast and efficient way.


The Change

With more than 36 million euros raised, prontopiso consolidates itself as one of the leading Real State startups in the sector.

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