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As you know, we don't usually lavish praise on ourselves with corporate communications, but today is a special day.

Belén Garrido has been with us for almost 10 years. She holds a Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations and a Master in Marketing and Business Management from ESIC University. Belén initially joined Jekyll through some university internships and has moved on to hold various positions of responsibility within the company, contributing to the implementation of internal processes, the consolidation of the Barcelona laboratory and more recently, the opening of new markets and the growth of our startups in which we are stakeholders.

Belén has displayed the ability to empathize with the final customers and has a strategic vision that has been part of Jekyll's DNA for a long time. With her attitude, effort and enthusiasm, she has been one of the key people responsible for making us what we are today.

For all these reasons, it is an honor for us to announce that as of last Friday Belén is part of the company's stakeholders.

This is not just another year for Jekyll - we have very exciting products to launch and others to consolidate, while taking our first steps outside Europe and growing our team. However, we will undoubtedly remember this year for the meaningful addition of Belén to this ever so exciting project.

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