How do we grow
tourism industry with Liiffe.

The challenge.

Create a platform that offers and finds tourist information beyond the classic commercial circuits, with information designed for high-intensity travelers.

The result.

We generate a new category of tourism that is 100% original: traveling by renting someone else's life in order to discover a destination or lifestyle living like someone else for a weekend.


La Gran Verdad.

Crowded trips
don't make you feel special:
quite the opposite.

Since tourism was democratized, most attractive destinations have become pilgrimage sites for millions of people each year. All those tourists do the exact same standard and packaged tours.

Paper travel guides have plummeted for years (-78%), traveler forums no longer reveal anything new for the main destinations: there is a gap between a demand that wants a true experience and a predictable offer.

However, younger generations such as Millennials and Gen-Z openly declare that their expectations when traveling are rarely fulfilled: 57% of them say they want to live unique experiences compared to 14% who just want to visit monuments.

Visiting a city with a local host provides extremely valuable information, but is offering the services of a local guide enough? If the problem (uninspiring trips) to be solved was basic, the solution needed to be revolutionary (a new way of discovering the world).


The Dna

Discover a city by living as if you were someone else:
life exchange tourism has arrived.


The experience that goes beyond your destination.

When you live another life, the destination can be secondary: live in Paris as a photographer, be a farmer in a small town in Tennessee or a DJ in Ibiza for a weekend. and the weather.


With all the consequences.

By booking another life at Liiffe, you gain access to the host's home, leisure, family or vehicle while he or she is away: the magic of not knowing each other is everything.


A 200% immersive trip.

One of the most intense immersion experiences: enjoying a stranger's universe, intimacy and spaces. If this is not a way to disconnect from your everyday routine, what is?


A platform that is rocking the industry.

The only trip where
your whole being changes.

Liiffe is the world's first platform where users can book a trip to live someone else's life. A search engine by destination or by the lifestyle they wish to experience. A space where they can find a selection of lives, filtered and curated by an expert team, where intrigue does not give way to insecurity.

The entire offer is carefully detailed so that, while maintaining the surprise effect upon arrival, the user finds an experience that changes everything and can be experienced alone, as a couple or among friends.


100% customized.

A customized, modular experience without templates or shortcuts, to shape a user interface that is a perfect fit for our user in the mobile app.


Api Rest.

Api Rest technology that guarantees scalability and standardization. The guarantee that we will grow when and how we want from the first moment.


Real Time.

We know that no one likes to wait. That is why all our searches are in real time. Find what you want in a single moment.

Key Feature

Book or Swap?

Book another life in the traditional way, or opt for a simultaneous exchange of lives at a very competitive price.


Key Feature

Welcome Letter.

Upon arrival, the guest receives an in-app video where the host summarizes their lifestyle and all the events and experiences that they have scheduled for him. A WOW moment that is only the beginning.


Key Feature

The main course.

The basic experience includes highlights, hangouts with friends, or secret restaurant recommendations. Does this not seem enough? Most experiences also offer a superior option with access to very exclusive spaces and places that only locals access.


The Change

With several successful rounds of investment in pre-seed and seed phases, the media have echoed the new type of tourism arising and users are beginning to join the revolution in an explosive burst of numbers.

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