Bdeo, Bgarage, Ecommerce, Oshun and Logan roy

Bdeo, Bgarage, Ecommerce, Oshun and Logan roy

Updated on Jun 30, 2023

1. Bdeo, the Visual AI company for insurance, closes €7.5M round 🤳🏼🏚️.

Bdeo is the solution used by more than 50 leading insurance companies 💼, present in 25 countries around the world mundo🇪🇺. In Spain, for example, it is used in 50% of motor insurance🚗.

Its solution offers a visual AI 🤖 capable of detecting vehicle 🚨 and home 🏡 damage. This facilitates, automates and standardises the damage assessment process🧐.

The result for the user (the insured): **a much faster and more convenient remote insurance reporting experience📲.**For the B2B customer (the insurer): **Faster turnaround times ⏱️ and reliability in the estimation of the claim🔢.**Their evolution as a company has been constant and sustained growth 📊. Now, with this capital injection of €7.5M, they seek to boost their international presence 🗺️ and reinforce their leadership in Europe 🇪🇺 and LATAM 🌎, where they are already present. As a medium-term mission, they seek to promote **the use of Visual AI for uses outside Insurtech, such as fleet management and maintenance 🚕 or real estate🚪.**.

👉🏻 Here is the news of the €7.5M round closed for internationalisation 💼.

👉🏻 Here to see Bdeo's website and learn more about its insurtech solutions and clients 🐡.

2. Startup B Garage receives $20M to develop drones that take inventory🚁📚.

B Garage is a San Jose-based startup, California🇺🇸. Founded in 2017, its promise is to deliver drones that can do 100% automated 🚁📦 inventories in warehouses of companies around the world 🏬.

In response to labour shortages 📭 in sectors such as logistics and warehousing, CEO Aiden Kim came up with this solution that has significant advantages over other drones that perform functions similares👌🏼.

B Garage's plus points: autonomy + self-recharging of the battery 📭🔋 (the drone returns to the base to charge), no need for 📍 mapping 📍 of the warehouse and no infrastructure required previa🙆🏻‍♂️. For example, there is no need to install beacons for their operation and this gives them a higher deployment speed📅.

They are currently running pilot tests 📋 to validate and test hardware and software and with the $20M investment in this series A💸 round, they are looking to develop and commercialise their solution more intensively💥.

👉🏻 You can read the TechCrunch article here 🤓.

3. The IAB Spain Ecommerce Study 2023 is here 📲🛍️.

If you are in the e-commerce world 📦, or simply if you are at mundo👋🏼, you will be interested in this Study on online shopping in Spain 2023 published by the IAB.

The data reflects a bit of the usual, but with the good news 👏🏼 that we are recovering pre-pandemic shopping values 🦠🫷🏼. Compared to last year, more people are buying online 🆙 and those who do buy are doing so more frequently 🗓️.

As clear drivers that transform intention into purchase: the economic factor 🫰🏼 and the promotions 🏷️. But if you can't compete much more on price, the quality of the after-sales service 🛟 and the deadlines of envíos⏱️, are the other reasons that lead a user to make a decision.

Enter a "new" type of purchase, imported from Asia 🌏 and which works particularly well among the younger profile 👱🏼‍♀️ (under 35 years old): the live shopping🤳🏼. The idea is to offer human assistance in real time during online shopping. Something like a shop assistant who assists you📞, but while you choose products on the web✅.

👉🏻 Here is the link to download the short version of the study for free (requires IAB registration).

👉🏻 If you just want the conclusions, check out this article from todostartups that summarises it very well bien👩🏻‍🏫.

4. Oshun, the tattoo marketplace, raises €150,000 and reaffirms itself as a player ❤️‍🔥✍🏻.

Oshun, based in Barcelona, defines itself as the first Digitally-Native Brand in the Body Art sector (this includes tattoos 🖤, piercings 👂🏻 or micropigmentation 👁️).

They were born as a marketplace of services, they digitalised the offer and validated the professional profiles 👩🏻‍🏭 so that the user's search when they want to get a tattoo is much more efectiva🕵🏻.

Now the company has decided to go one step further, taking the service marketplace to an evolution towards the product 🔀.

Oshun seeks to capitalise on 🧚🏻 tattoo designs and digitise them through NFT and sell them to users who want to get them on their skin 💪🏼. In this way, the designs become an asset for the professional and the company can multiply and cover more market 🌍 with the same product, the tattoo design.

On the other hand, it opens the way for brands to offer their own collections of tattoo designs 🎩🖤🎓, available for purchase and turn them into ink forever (unless you look for a remover in their marketplace and start again ⬜️).

👉🏻 Read here the news about the round raised by Oshun (in El Referente) 💶.

👉🏻 Here to have a look at their website and marketplace 🔎. 👉🏻 If you have an idea about a sector you are passionate about 🤩 or a marketplace project like Oshun (or anything else💡), click here to choose a day in our calendar and one of our online business experts will call you 📲 to discuss your idea and analyse how we can ayudarte💁🏻‍♂️.

5. The series everyone is talking about, Succession, last season 👨🏼‍🦳📰 .

We already have summer vibes and that's why we want to recommend a series 📺 that is on everyone's lips: Succession. The series revolves around a company and its founder, Logan Roy👨🏼‍🦳. He is a self-made, conservative and despot👹 media mogul; a fictional character that reminds us of several real-life names, but without 100% coincidence with any of them (although he points to Rupert Murdoch👀).

In the plot, his four sons 👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👧‍👦 and a whole court of advisors, vice-presidents and directors 👩🏼‍💼 dance around the magnetic 🧲 Logan Roy to succeed him in power. Intra and extra-family struggles that reveal in phrases, plots and agreements how the world of big business relates to its entorno🌪️.

On a macro level, the series shows the exact point where the all-powerful multimedia groups 👔 (and their infinite tentacles🐙) cross the timeline with the fast-growing technology 🧢 (and their infinite zeros 🤑). A business paradigm shift where old school and new wave fight to the death to be on the cima🧗🏻‍♀️.

👉🏻 Here you can watch it on HBO, there are 4 seasons 🔚 and everything points to there being no fifth or spin-off 😭. If you're a fan of marathons 🛋️, **you can watch the whole thing in one sitting.

👉🏻 Special mention to the soundtrack 🎼, we love it😍, play it here on Spotify (it's one of those intros that you don't hit "Skip Intro"🎧).

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