Crisp, Libeen, PetTech, Copilot and the new founder profile

Crisp, Libeen, PetTech, Copilot and the new founder profile

Updated on Nov 17, 2023

1. The opportunity that won't give up: Crisp, the fast delivery supermarket that strikes again🥫🛵.

After the retreat of the most famous QuickCommerce stores that flooded our cities, something is changing in food delivery 🛵🥦. We start from a complex 2023 for Getir, which was already dragging behind it the purchase of its original competitor, Gorillas. Both exited the national market this year, at the same time as they closed in France and thus withdrew from other markets 👋🏼.

The reason? Insistent pressure from investors to generate returns and the inability to grow in a balanced way based on the investment received. Ambitious plans, excessive investment and many open fronts at the same time 😓.

When it seemed that only Glovo or UberEats could deliver groceries in a matter of minutes, a less aggressive concept appears in Europe 🧘🏻‍♂️, which is located in the middle ground between the 10 minutes it took Getir to deliver the order and the online supermarkets with their unpredictable time slots.

And who is he? Born in Belgium, Crisp is starting its expansion into the Netherlands and has raised €35m for its entry and consolidation in these two key markets. Moreover, he stresses that there are no plans to expand into new markets in the next 12 months. A nod to learning lessons 🧑🏻‍🏫 and pursuing sustained growth.

In addition, the business model, in its own value proposition has a simplified and less frenetic operation 😱, allowing it to compete right in the middle:

⏱️ Next-day delivery and higher average ticket: the available delivery is for the next day, with less urgency and achieving average tickets of around €90. It is a weekly shopping concept and not so much a today-for-today emergency purchase because there is only one overripe avocado in the fridge 🥑.

🍎 Product offer with a tight variety: thanks to the curation of the product catalogue, a limited offer is achieved, which helps the user in the purchase decision, but also avoids overstock and keeps prices under control. Another plus point compared to QuickCommerce, whose prices per product were high.

🚚 Optimised supply: with next day delivery, there is no need to have urban warehouses spread throughout the city. The warehouse is centralised and the delivery is made the next day with larger purchases and a higher average ticket.

In short, a model that has proven to generate traction and to which demand has responded well, but at its own pace, now seeks an intermediate and more sensible point in a model with the capacity to grow, **** keeping profitability on the horizon. Stay tuned in case they reach our territory 🥘.

👉🏻 Here you can read the news about the capital injection to Crisp in Sifted.

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👉🏻 Here you can meet Crisp 🍟 and have a look at their approach.

2. Libeen, the rent-to-own PropTech so that mortgage is not a problem 🏠💰.

Libeen incorporates Juan Velayos (former CEO of Neinor and leader of its IPO 🔔), joining as an investor and Chairman of the Investment Committee of Startup👨🏼‍⚖️.

Libeen is a PropTech company dedicated to rent-to-own, creator of the smartthousing concept, which facilitates access to home ownership for those profiles that were left out of the usual mortgage system 👱🏼‍♀️.

The company has 40,000 users on the waiting list and it is logical 🗓️. Its proposal highlights the 10% reduction of the down payment to 5% and also generates a housing model halfway between renting with an option to buy and real estate leasing 💳*.*.

The problem of access to housing is evident, especially for young people. Rising rental prices continue to conflict with the desire of a large part of the population to own their own home, limiting their ability to save 🏦.

Libeen has been able to read this insight 👓 and they point out that the model has been successfully tested in the USA: perhaps the ability to save is not possible for young people, but a monthly housing allowance, which is distributed between renting and buying 🔓🔐, is possible 🔓🔐.

👉🏻 Here to read about Juan Velayos joining Libeen 🧑🏼‍🦱.

👉🏻 Here to learn about Libeen and the Smartthousing concept 🔑🤔.

👉🏻 If you want to start up that business idea that has been on your mind for a long time 🚀 we can help you build a business model with a perfect market-fit 👌🏼 and the development of the most reliable technology. Make an appointment with us 📅 and one of our experts 📲 will call you to discuss your project.

3. The new type of Startups on the rise: what is changing and the founder profile sought 👨🏻‍💼🔍.

It makes more sense to read this article in full🤓. If 2023 has been a year of change with the popularisation of Artificial Intelligence systems and investors looking for more sustainable models with profitability in sight, get ready for a 2024 where the technological environment will have been calibrated ⚒️, starting a new exciting era 🤩 and with more market-adjusted opportunities that you can take advantage of now.

💭 Change of mentality: experience is sought and valued. Senior profiles that tackle digital projects are more valued than ever. Whether because they come from previous ventures or because they have a background in business that supports them, know-how is valued.

🧮 Profitability and differentiation: no more going to market with anything, but fast and see what happens. The race is now on for differentiation and sustainable models that offer an appetising risk-return balance.

👔 Startup-corporate collaboration: the corpo-startup feedback process is becoming more valuable than ever. The meeting between established players and those who bring agility is a win-win that is more valuable than ever.

👉🏻 Here you can read the article on what's next for startups and what 2024 will be like for them 🔮.

4. PetTech or CatTech? Felines present a category with a personality of their own 📲🐈.

We agree that PetTech is one of the great revelations, growing steadily and reflecting the change in the family model like no other. So much so that the PetTech sector is valued at 5,000M$ and is expected to grow to 20,000M$ in 2028 🐶🔝.

In Spain, on average, there are more dogs than children. Specifically, for every child, there are 1.5 dogs. In this proportion, of course, no animal has been harmed. Children have not been harmed either, but their ranks have been diezmadas🗡️.

An interesting analysis generated by CrunchBase throws up a comparison of investment in dog-centric startups 🐶 vs cat-centric startups 🐱. Felines get less investment and to draw conclusions, they have compiled some of the coolest proposals for cats that you can't miss, from USA 🇺🇸 to Japan 🇯🇵.

👉🏻 Here you can read the full article on CrunchBase about Cat-Focused Startups.

👉🏻 Some of the ones that stand out are KatKin and Smalls (healthy cat food), Rabo (🙏🏻) with devices that monitor the cat's activity or TuftandPaw, divine furniture for felines 🛏️.

5. Microsoft Copilot: the desktop version of AI (so that Friday is already totally unproductive) 🤖😌.

Microsoft Copilot opens up to everyone: launching its webapp version ready to be used from a browser on desktop 🖥️.

Copilot doesn't yet work on smartphones 📲🙅🏻, but this release allows you to interact with Microsoft's AI outside of the Bing search engine environment or Microsoft apps.

As if you didn't have enough with ChatGPT, now you can get a second medical opinion on anything you can think of asking the AI, or why not, organise fights between AIs as it was done between Alexa and Siri in the past 🤺.

👉🏻 Enter here from a Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser, dust off 📜 your most embarrassing hotmail and give Copilot a hard time 🙄, that's what pagan👂🏻 is for.

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