Eurdit, Bloome, Yolo, Jony Ive and AI

Eurdit, Bloome, Yolo, Jony Ive and AI

Updated on Sep 29, 2023

1. Erudit AI, the software that predicts job dissatisfaction (before they say goodbye🤯👋🏼).

The company Erudit has raised €9.4M in a Series A funding round. With origins in Madrid🚰, its focus is on monitoring and improving the employee experience😄.

At a time when the big resignation, the shortage of technical profiles and corporate fit are the cornerstone 🗿 of many companies, investing in a service like this is profitable in order not to be late⏰.

How does it do it?😦: basically, Erudit connects with the TOP10 applications of any new-age office: Slack, Zoom or Microsoft 365. By analysing what's going on in there, Erudit is able to extract patterns that it returns in the form of analytics 🟢🔴, level of resignation risk ⚠️ and engagement 💍 with the company of each of the teams.

What is its advantage: early intervention to avoid burn-out situations 🧨 or the erosion of relationships between colleagues 😪 or towards the company.

👉🏻 Read here the article about Erudit AI's investment round.

👉🏻 Get to know them here and read how it integrates with other HR SaaS.

2. From YOLO! driven spending 🥳 to DINKS 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼 as a consumer profile.

There are words of this era that help us understand what is happening in the world. These anglicisms are the mortal enemy of other profiles (which also have their own word), **but above all, they are terms that really irritate boomers 🧔🏼‍♂️ in meetings (ahh ya, when you say Brand Ambassador, you are talking about a lifelong commercial!). These analogies are their favourite moment 💪🏼 and they like to go back to A.I. times (Before the Iphone) 📜.

Anyway, I'm getting confused: we are in favour of these new concepts because they help to understand micro-behaviours 🔬 and very specific drivers in certain markets.

This week we talk to you about 2 ✌🏼:

😎 YOLO!: an acronym for You Only Live Once, a Carpe Diem without the classic patina, a post-capitalist bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. Why is the term on the table? Some analysts use it to understand the pattern of consumption in times of inflation. After the extreme stress of pandemic, saving and uncertainty about the future, the consumer decides to take on higher prices 🙈 and spend what was saved during the confinement. You know, in case I don't order dessert tomorrow🍰.

This distortion between economic data and consumer behaviour is leading economists to look for new ways to marry data and behaviour to make more realistic predictions🔮.

👉🏻 How will we spend when things go wrong? Read here the article on how we consume in uncertain times.

👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼 DINKs: Who are they? They are a consumer profile made up of 2. They are Dual Income, No Kids. Couples who decide to unite their lives and become a family, but do not have (and will not have) children, or who have had children but have moved on to emancipado👋🏼. With a dual income, this is a consumer unit that invests and spends only on themselves mismos💅🏼🏎️.

A domestic reality that in Spain alone represents some 2.8 million DINK couples. The decision not to have children and to put one's own couple as a priority is what has unleashed the madness of the 🍼🐶 dogskids 🍼🐶. Families of 2 who want to be 3 (or 4, 5, 6...) without the baby arriving, pouring their love and dedication and, especially, budget into their pets😍🐕.

👉🏻 Are DINKs couples the germ of the dogchildren? Read here about this profile and what are the factors that have led to their growth.

3. The next revolution from the iPhone: talks between Jony Ive, Softbank and OpenAI🤩.

What a fantasy🦄, what a reverie🥰, what an Olympus 🏛️ of brilliant minds this is!

This news makes us dream of the next revolutionary moment like the one we experienced (almost) 2 decades ago: the launch of the iPhone.

It's not confirmed, but they do claim that there are serious talks to create a revolutionary AI-based device. Who's in the conversation?

1. Sam Altman: the brains🤓. The CEO and founder of OpenAI is open to entering consumer electronics and putting his technology at the service of a new, game-changing device.

2. Jony Ive: the genio🧞‍♂️. The person who managed to make Steve Jobs' vision (or visions) 🙏🏻 a reality, landing in a usable, viable and impeccably designed product. That is nothing.

Masayoshi Son, from Softbank: the rich🤑. The CEO of Softbank brings not only financing (which also, there is talk of an initial investment of 1,000M$), but also the manufacture of mobile chips 💾, as he owns ARM, the largest company in the design of these critical components for the future device.

It's not a done deal, but the talks are serious and on the right track. A trident of exceptional contribution to what, hopefully, will be the next revolution that (they say) will free us from screens🤖.

👉🏻 Read the article here and let your imagination run wild about what that next device will be like🤔.

4. Bloome, the Aesthetic Medicine startup, gets €1M 💉👄.

It's all over the place: everyone has some kind of Medical Aesthetic treatment 🧑🏻‍⚕️ but no one says where and no one talks about it.

Bloome is the brand born to speak clearly about Aesthetic Medicine and to bring to new generations, Millennials, Zetas and Alpha (when they are toque🫷🏼), the benefits of prevention rather than cure💉👄.

A generation that exposes, more than ever, its own image 🪞 and that has given physical appearance an importance inaudita💆🏼, is the perfect audience to buy a fresh brand, different from the clinic where their mother goes.

Bloome has managed to unify processes, simplify the offer and standardise the marketing of treatments 🎁 to make it accessible to the younger generation.

With recent agreements with companies such as Allergan, the quality of the product is maintained by offering more competitive prices. For a corporation with a classic track record 👨🏻‍💼 like Allergan, it is a perfect way to access new patterns of consumo👱🏼‍♀️.

👉🏻 Click here to read the news about the investment round for Bloome. This is one of the few markets that remain atomised ✨ in small or medium-sized clinics and that had not been led 🏴 clearly by a digital brand aimed at the new generations of consumers.

👉🏻 If you know of any other sector that is still atomised, where there is no clear leader, don't expect too much 👏🏼. If you have such a project in mind, contact us and we will tell you how we can help you 💁🏻‍♀️.

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