Fazil Neobank, Sportech Pádel, New Housing Law and Fanfix USA

Fazil Neobank, Sportech Pádel, New Housing Law and Fanfix USA

Updated on Apr 21, 2023

1. Chekin gets 460,000 euros for marketing and product customisation hotelero🗝️.

Chekin makes real what many of us have thought during a holiday😎🩴: you are at the reception of a hotel, you queue up and you have 3 families 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 of 5 people each in front of you and you have to wait 🫷🏼. Couldn't this check-in thing be automated? Do you really have to scan your ID card or passport as if it were today, 28 July, but in 2003? 👱🏾‍♀️

In addition to imagining it, they have done it conseguido💪🏼. Until now, chekin's value proposition has been oriented towards tourist rental properties. Thus, the reception and check-in of users were fully automated🧨.

It is precisely this point, automation🤖, that is the key to their success. They have now raised 460,000 euros to invest in marketing and sales and to focus on their new business target: hotels🏨. Let's hope that soon we will move from 2003 to 2023 and the only thing at reception will be a welcome, explanations about the hotel and human treatment. Goodbye escáner👋🏼📠.

👉🏻 Read here the news about the round for chekin in El Referente💸. 👉🏻 Here you can meet chekin. By the way, we love their website😍: clean design and organisation of information and funnels trabajados👌🏼. 👉🏻 Here you can watch the webinar that Dozen and chekin organised before getting 100% of the investment through Dozen's investment platform 🎙️ (it lasts an hour, but you can watch it when you finish reading the compendium 👀).

2. If your startup is a SaaS (or will be) Capchase Pay advances you the subscriptions of your users💰.

Capchase, a Spanish company specialised in offering alternative financing with a non-dilutive approach for startups, launches its new product: Capchase Pay💸.

The company aspires to be one of the next national unicorns 🦄🇪🇸 during this year and its focus is to help improve sales cycles📆, cash flow 🕳️ and what they call growth finance⚙️, all focused on startups and SaaS companies that have recurring and preceding revenue📐, which is the asset they optimise.

In this case, Capchase Pay offers to advance the expected annual subscription revenue while the customer can continue to pay on a flexible😌, monthly or quarterly basis.

👉🏻 Here is the news of the launch of Capchase Pay in La Razón and explained super well 💬 by its co-founder, Ignacio Moreno. 👉🏻 If you are thinking of creating a SaaS startup 👨🏻‍💻 (either for companies or for individuals), I will tell you that it is one of the fastest growing models 🏎️ that exist.

👉🏻 If you want us to talk about your business idea, click here and choose a day and time to talk to one of our experts about your idea 🤩 of negocio🧑🏻‍💼📲.

3. Neither Elon nor Elan: Twitter is about to get a new CEO and it's a woman: betting pools at marcha👩🏻‍💼.

Elon Musk announced yesterday that the deal was done. The new CEO is a woman and would begin her reign 👸🏻 on Twitter in about 6 weeks. Not that she will stop swarming Twitter, but she will do so in specific areas and (in principle) leaves the leadership of the platform in the hands of a person who is not yet confirmada🥷🏼.

Rumours are divided between Linda Yaccarino and other options, but in the last few hours she is the name that is gaining the most strength. She is currently director of publicity for NBCUniversal📺. And it is just this good reputation and relationships with advertisers 🤝 that would give her the business focus that Twitter has needed for months💼.

Why hasn't Musk revealed it? According to The Verge, because Linda has to present results 💁🏻‍♀️ to her (still) NBCUniversal advertisers on Monday and may have to do things by halves bien🙏🏻.

There's hope 👏🏼 for a platform that we don't want to lose but needs to get back on a reasonable course🤔.

👉🏻 Here are the betting pools on who is the new CEO of Twitter🎰.

👉🏻 Here's a profile of Linda Yaccarino (she's a boss! 💅🏼).

👉🏻 Here's Elon Musk's tweet where he starts talking about hiring a new CEO but ends up talking about himself 😘🪞.

4. Artifact: the social network from the creators of Instagram that summarises the news as if you had 5 añitos🧒🏼.

A while ago the founders of Instagram launched Artifact: a text-based social network that offers a news feed with content from the writers📝 and creators you care about🤩.

They have also added AI to their tool and you can ask it to summarise a news story and explain it to you as if you were 5 years old🤖😖.

In the news example, it's summarised like this: Netflix will spend a lot of money to make even more Korean series and movies. It's doing it because people love them. **👎🏼 Wow 👎🏼.

It is possible that in certain long and complex texts, especially those outside our discipline🤯, it makes some sense and we applaud it, because the alternative would be not to read it or not to learn anything😣.

However, an article that we read like this, without reasons and without nuance, what good is it to us 🙃 If Netflix spends a lot on Korean series it's because people like them. OKEY. But there's probably a lot more to be gleaned from the statements or figures the company offers in that statement🧐.

And besides, what is the author writing for, so that its significance is minimised so much that it becomes ridiculous? 🕴🏻Ojalá serves to open us up to new sciences 👩🏻‍🏫 and specialities that we do not control because nobody explained them to us like a 5-year-old child.

👉🏻 Here if you want you can try Artifact and have a look at vistazo⚡️.

👉🏻 Here is the news about the use of AI in its latest version😎.

5. Record FoodTech investment in 2022: when plant protein ate meat🥩😭.

This article from Sifted tells us about record investment and growth in FoodTech in Europe in 2022. Over the last year we have reported on different investments and milestones achieved by national companies dedicated to the cultivation and commercialisation of alternative proteins🤓.

Now, Sifted has compiled this information which is extremely interesting to understand what is happening in the FoodTech sector and why it is petando🙌🏼.

Some interesting points: that FoodTech 🍱 is beating AgriTech🌾 or that Cell-Based 🧪 proteins (produced from animal cells, replicated in laboratories) are growing more than Plant-Based (proteins that emulate the taste or texture of animal meat, but of plant origin🥬).

👉🏻 Here is the FoodTech article with figures, investments and other information about Sifted.

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