Instacart, Kick, Tiktok and generative AI

Instacart, Kick, Tiktok and generative AI

Updated on Sep 22, 2023

1. (de🤔)generative AI, a $1.3 trillion market in 10 years.

Generative artificial intelligence eats up🍩 growth forecasts for other technologies. Bloomberg expects it to become a $1.3 trillion market 🤑 and account for 12% of total technology spending in 10 years.

Penetration is set to be total. The increase in the budget dedicated to generative technology in sectors such as financial technology, it, marketing or cybersecurity is a fact. According to forecasts, the big players such as Amazon, Alphabet, Nvidia, Micro$oft, large investors in openAI are likely to reap a large part of the benefits of this boom.

The good news: everything is about to change: a world of new opportunities that will change the rules of the game for the technology sector (aka fintech, healthtech, proptech...) in 10 years.

The impact on fintech💳 is expected to be particularly strong, reaching unprecedented levels in aspects such as: risk management, efficiency of operations, investment decisions in real time or user experience. The neobanks are facing their hands 🙌 , the traditional ones 😓.

🤨The Bad: everything is going to change🤪: technological revolutions always have impacts that are not so desired by everyone. Online marketing as we know it is history🏰. SEO is in a turbulent time, AI-generated articles are dominating the rankings, ranking above pages with a lot of human work behind them. For now, Google is trying🫤 but can't control it.

🤬The worst: the riffraff also adapts: these days it has been news a case of some undesirables in Spain who have created deepfakes of nudes of fellow students and have distributed them through different platforms🛑. It is not the first and will not be the last, which is why new business opportunities are emerging for startups like Facia that use **IA to identify deepfakes. Robots to control robots - sound familiar?

👉🏻 Here you can read Bloomberg's forecasts.

👉🏻 What is Google going to do with AI-generated content?

👉🏻 Take a look at Heygen, the most popular tool for creating deepfakes.

2. Instacart 🛒, the food delivery startup goes public.

The American startup was founded in 2012 and raised $2740M to be valued at $39,000M🫰 in 2012. It has been preparing its IPO for years. For them the pandemic was an unprecedented growth opportunity🦠 with spectacular growth, but as their customers came out of confinement they cut the valuation to $13,000M... not to complain either.

What are they doing? To cut to the chase: they are a cross between Glovo Market 🟡and Amazon Fresh original🟢 (in memoriam☠️ ) in Spain.

Among the ambitions of its CEO, Fidji Simo (ex-Facebook) who replaced confounder Apoorva Mehta a couple of years ago has been to implement more technological processes, with the development of its own systems or the purchase💰 of other companies such as Caper AI, which offers retailers smart shopping carts so that customers do not have to queue at the checkout🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶.

Instacart is looking very good, with revenue growth of 31%📈 in the last 6 months. For now it does not foresee entering the European market, but who knows?

👉🏻 Here you can read the news of the IPO.

👉🏻 Have a look at their website, although if you order something it will take a while to arrive 😅.

👉🏻 Instacart buys Caper AI on TechCrunch.

Kick 🎮, twitch's most serious threat.

At last, pieces are finally moving🧩 in the Streaming world. Dominated by Twitch (bought by amazon) and Youtube ( for the haters) it is one of the sectors with the highest growth projection.

We have a new kid in the office, Kick, created by crypto-betting boss Ed Craven, who has pulled out his chequebook to tempt big content creators such as xQx and Amouranth.

Its emergence is based on a chain of consequences that is very easy to understand👶:

Users enter the platforms where their favourite creators are ⤵️

Creators broadcast strimean on the platform that gives them the most profitability ⤵️

Twitch gives creators 50% of subscription fees, Kick 95% ⤵️

End of quote. 🇪🇸🏛️🙄

This week, our patriotic streamer Ibai, interviewed the ceo of twitch. There was no question about Kick in particular but somehow (don't ask me why), Kick was also in that conversation 👻.

👉🏻 Go to Kick's website.

👉🏻 Interview by Ibai with Dan Clancy, ceo of Twitch.

👉🏻 If you are thinking of starting an online business, either B2B or B2C, we can help you decide the optimal business model 👌🏼 and design a value proposition with the maximum market-fit 🙌🏼. Make an appointment with us here 📅 and one of our experts 📲 will call you to explain how we can help you.

4. Tiktok👯, fined (again).

This time with 345M€🤣 for violating European privacy rules for children. In short, they allowed the accounts of teenagers (13-17) to be public by default so that anyone could see the videos, comments, etc.

Add to all this the fact that in theory children under 13 are banned from logging in and that parental control functions are easily circumvented, and the dreaded perfect storm forms.

Tiktok's defence has been that this "used to happen before and no longer"🤔, in 2020, although there is plenty of evidence circulating online to the contrary. Europe argued that the Chinese-based company has followed a "dark pattern" through subtle manipulations to encourage teenagers to sign up.

A continuation of the troubled EU-Tiktok relations.

👉🏻 Access the story

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