Life5, Uber, Glovo, Mundimoto and the heirs

Life5, Uber, Glovo, Mundimoto and the heirs

Updated on Jun 9, 2023

1. Life5 raises €10 million and strengthens confidence in Insurtech ☂️.

Life5 specialises in Life Insurance ☔️. This company, focused on one of the most commercially complex insurance 💼. Formerly called GetLife, the company has focused, since its foundation in 2021, on revolutionising Life Insurance digitally 🙌🏼. What makes it different? Above all, they have specialised in one type of insurance and simplified it as much as possible 🔲. What until now involved a medical examination, tedious contracting, unbearable policies and permanence🤯, in Life5 is contracted in 5 minutes and paid month by month😌. It seems simple, but not existía🤷🏻‍♀️.

This €10M investment is the largest round of funding for an Insurtech in Spain to date🥇. It is the third operation they have resorted to in 3 years of life and will serve to continue growing in other markets outside Spain 🥘 and France🥐, where they are already present.Last year, Life5's turnover multiplied x10 🆙 and now they want to replicate growth in new mercados🗺️. The recipe🍲: consolidated product, commercial simplification, price flexibility and attractive and understandable marketing 👌🏼💯

👉🏻 Read the news about the €10M investment round here 💰.

👉🏻 Here to learn more about Life5 and its product 👓.

2. Uber to go green 🌱 and court ruling 👩🏼‍⚖️ of VTC Europe: shaking up the sector 🚕.

At the last Climate Change event 🫠 held in London, Uber shared its medium-term plans on this topic. Within a much more conservative and sales-focused strategy 🤑, its green commitment seems serious 👏🏼 and more than just words 🗣️.

In its two main business lines: Uber (transportation🚙) and Uber Eats (delivery🥡), it has put clear dates and product development on the table, much more than the usual compañías☝🏼. For example, the app will recommend to drivers of electric vehicles which trips to accept so that they end near a charging point 🏁 or send trips whose distance is adapted to the level of electric charge of the vehículo⚡️.

On a national level, the Court of Justice of the European Union, Europea🇪🇺, has ruled against the 1-30 ratio (1 VTC for every 30 taxis). This opens another 🤼legal battle in Spain and overturns some transferred measures, such as the one in force in Barcelona to obtain a second municipal licence📑. It is not carte blanche to the VTCs🖐🏼, but it does come a more liberal regulation🆓, always with an eye to an optimal regulation of transport 🚲, cities 🌇 and traffic🚦.

👉🏻 Here the news about Uber at its Greenest stage 🍀.

👉🏻 Here the news about the European ruling on the 1-30 VTCs ratio 🚕.

3. Do you see yourself as an heir? Maybe the flat you are waiting for is already being polished by your elders 🥳.

The Proptech sector is constantly growing and evolving**. In one of the most turbulent periods in housing in living memory🏡,** digital solutions are multiplying and specialising.

From half-stay rentals📆, to visits and closing of rentals totally online 🖥️ (without setting foot in the property) to companies that sell your flat in less than 60 days guaranteed🔏.

More and more options are appearing on the horizon 🐎 between Proptech, Fintech and Insurtech. We are talking about solutions aimed at older people 👴🏼 who are looking for liquidity 🫰🏼 without losing the right to live in their usual home 🔑.

This format is still operating very timidly 😳, with few annual operations, but the Bank of Spain 🏦 last year encouraged financial institutions to set up this type of operation, and Santander and Mapfre are working on it 🤝.

Since the forte of banking in this country (with honourable exceptions) is not the digitalización🏛️, it seems a great business idea Fintech-Proptech-Insurtech oriented to the senior profile 🧓🏼 for the sale of the Nuda Propiedad (sell the flat, keep the usufruct) or Hipotecas Inversas🤓.

👉🏻 Here the news explaining the product Reverse Mortgage and Nuda Propiedad 🧮.

👉🏻 If you have in hand 💎 a Proptech business idea (or any other *Tech)schedule here a call with one of our experts for a first analysis 📞**.**.

4. When Glovo almost went public: Oscar Pierre tells the story at the SouthSummit 🛵.

Oscar Pierre, Founder and CEO of Glovo, explained at the South Summit some of the battles 🥷🏼 fought in all these years at the helm of the company. One of the most shocking, when he almost went public (thank goodness no😮‍💨) and when he sold Glovo to its main competitor, Delivery Hero (thank goodness sí👏🏼).

Oscar Pierre's approach gives us an example of the ferocity of start-ups when they already have a considerable size and the only option is to lead the mercado💪🏼. In other words, unlike the traditional channel, there is no place for segundo👋🏼. And there is no place for the third or hablamos👎🏼.

As a curiosity, the deal was closed at 23:30h on 31 December 2021🥂. And thank God we didn't go public because the share price of the company that bought it, Delivery Hero, was €130 at that time. Two years later, it is around €34. Thank goodness, Oscar Pierre 🤲🏼.

👉🏻 Here is the report on the adventures of Glovo's CEO at the South Summit. It is worth reading it and feel the vertigo 😰 of selling or not selling.

5. Mundimoto, the motorbike marketplace, closes a €10m round 🏍️.

A passion driven to become the largest motorbike marketplace in Europe**. The company, founded by Josep Talavera in 2019, has managed to close a €10M deal for growth 🪴 and consolidation 🏗️.**.

This agreement involves not only capital, but also strategically important partners such as Mutua Madrileña Ⓜ️**. For the co-founder and CEO, this means that his plans to consolidate leadership, not only nationally, but also europeo🇪🇺, will be able to materialise🫡.**.

The next step is Italia🇮🇹, where they plan to open the first subsidiary outside Spain**.** On the business side, the company will start offering subscription services to any of the 🏍️ models they offer**. An innovative and very attractive second line of business for undecided and/or capricious bikers 🤩.**.

👉🏻 Here is the news about the injection of 10M€ for Mundimotos 🏍️💨.

👉🏻 Find out about them here if you are thinking of spending a summer on two wheels ✌🏼.

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