Maternify, Clue, AI, Supermarkets, and GrowPro

Maternify, Clue, AI, Supermarkets, and GrowPro

Updated on Apr 28, 2023

1. Maternify closes round of €460,000 to boost its home midwifery service🤰🏻.

Nationally, we have the news of Maternify's round 🍼. This startup offers care services during pregnancy and postpartum, complementary to what the public health system already provides🏥. The most demanded services are postpartum home visits👩🏼‍⚕️, putting earrings on newborns👂🏻, and sleep plans💤. This is an investment of €460,000 🙌🏼 and also allows them to incorporate Juan Abarca, Director of HM Hospitals👨🏻‍💼 in their capital. Motherhood, the pending matter of the Millennial and Zeta generation🙅🏻‍♂️, increasingly seeks to be an experience full of care and with the maximum well-being 💆🏽‍♀️ in contrast to how previous generations' parents approached it.

👉🏻 Read the news here about Maternify's round and growth plans.

👉🏻 Here to discover Maternify and take a look at their home + online service model.

2. Clue, the menstrual tracking app, close to €8,000,000 with Investors + Crowdfunding🩸.

We continue in a feminine key: women's menstrual and reproductive health is one of science's pending subjects🔬. It is precisely this starting point that gives Clue (one of the world's leading Period Tracker ) a mission beyond business, to research and promote science in this field👩🏻‍🔬.

Clue, along with Flo, are two of the applications that allow recording events✅ related to women's and reproductive health🤰🏻. Whether because one is pregnant, seeking pregnancy, or avoiding ⚠️, these applications are essential on the smartphones of half of the population of reproductive age🚺. Studies explain that women use these apps to 1) detect patterns or possible health problems😷, 2) to track cycles and most fertile days🌸, but also 3) to plan vacations🏝️ with the highest possible accuracy. In this case, Clue has raised more than €7,850,000 through direct investment + crowdfunding with a pre-money valuation of €60,000,000.

3. Results of the big tech companies and shifts towards AI🤖.AI is on everyone's lips, especially the big tech companies which have the most to say about how to tackle this🙋🏻‍♂️.

After presenting results, we see how Dropbox, for example, remains viable and profitable 🆒. But also aware of the slowdown in its business 🍂 (it continues to invoice but cannot grow at the same pace as before🐢). The CEO's response: layoffs of classic model profiles for hiring and developing a more sophisticated AI-based service.

Another big player, but in this case much more powerful💪🏼, Meta. Presents results, invoices 28,600M$. Leaves the Metaverse behind👋🏼. But utters a magical expression that triggers reactions: Generative AIAnd now what the hell is Generative AI? ⌨️

👉🏻 Here the explanations of Dropbox's CEO and his replacement of non-AI profiles by AI profiles🧑🏼‍💻.

👉🏻 Here to see the results presented by Mark Zuckerberg (we never know when it's really him and when it's an animoji)🧑🏼‍🦱.

👉🏻 If you're thinking of starting a new project, whether with AI or not, click here and schedule a call with one of our experts👩🏻‍💼.

4. Super-fast supermarkets do what they can in Europe 🛵🥕.

One of the most particular sectors in Europe: supermarket shopping with delivery in minutes 🥒 in big cities. The European startup-focused media🧢, Sifted, analyzes it from several very interesting perspectives. While 2022 was a year of consolidation, acquisitions, and winners of the battle (here Getir takes the lead) must make way for times of growth.

But it's not exactly like that 🫳🏼.Necessity products, high prices, and stagnant demand🎢. A complex sector that includes product, perishables, logistics, and demand in a more than delicate balance ⚖️.

👉🏻 Here the sector analysis and projections for 2023 on Sifted 🧐 (in English).

5. GrowPro, the startup for those who go abroad to study for a while 🎒.

With a discourse that reminds us of the early days of startups, where the entrepreneur speaks with excessive emphasis🎤, full of faith and blind confidence in their project📢, the story of GrowPro and its founder, Goiko Llobet, leaves us between nostalgia for that time and hope for the future🙌🏼.

This project, which was born before the pandemic 🦠 (and which almost became a victim of the travel ban that gives them business sense), tells us how their services help this wave of second (or third) erasmus 🚌 for a generation that sees studying abroad as an essential part of their personal and professional path👩🏻‍🎓.Their model helps in the destination for those people who need to arrive, settle and study in a different country and are close to billing 56M€ after closing a round of 1.5M€👑.

👉🏻 Here the interview with Goiko Llobet (may contain slightly offensive language 😜).

👉🏻 Who would have caught him in the era of the MEC scholarships! 🗽😰

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