Review, Insurtech, Uber, Tiktok and the reference

Review, Insurtech, Uber, Tiktok and the reference

Updated on May 23, 2023

1. Life5 raises €10 million and strengthens confidence in insurtech ☂️.

Life5 specialises in life insurance ☔️. This company, focused on one of the most commercially complex insurances 💼. Formerly GetLife, it has focused, since its founding in 2021, on digitally revolutionising Life Insurance 🙌🏼. What makes it different? Above all, they have specialised in one type of insurance and simplified it as much as possible 🔲. What until now implied a medical examination, tedious contracting, unaffordable policies and permanence🤯, in Life5 it is contracted in 5 minutes and paid month by month😌. It seems simple, but not existía🤷🏻‍♀️.

This €10M investment is the largest financing round of an Insurtech in Spain to date🥇. It is the third operation they have resorted to in 3 years of life and will serve to continue growing in other markets outside Spain 🥘 and France🥐, where they are already present.Last year, Life5's turnover multiplied x10 🆙 and now they want to replicate the growth in new mercados🗺️. The recipe🍲: consolidated product, commercial simplification, price flexibility and attractive and understandable marketing 👌🏼💯

👉🏻 Read the news about the €10 million investment round here 💰.

👉🏻 Here you can learn more about Life5 and its product 👓.

2. Uber goes green 🌱 and court ruling 👩🏼‍⚖️ of VTC Europe: shaking up the sector 🚕.

At the latest Climate Change 🫠 event in London, Uber shared its medium-term plans on this topic. Within a much more conservative and sales-focused strategy 🤑, its green commitment seems serious 👏🏼 and more than just words 🗣️.

In its two main lines of business: Uber (transportation🚙) and Uber Eats (delivery🥡), it has put clear dates and product development on the table, much more than the usual compañías☝🏼. For example, the app will recommend to drivers of electric vehicles which trips to accept so that they end up near a charging point 🏁 or send trips whose distance is adapted to the level of electric charge of the vehículo⚡️.

On a national level, the Court of Justice of the European Union, Europea🇪🇺, has ruled against the 1-30 ratio (1 VTC for every 30 taxis). This opens another 🤼legal battle in Spain and overturns some transferred measures, such as the one in force in Barcelona to obtain a second municipal licence📑. It is not carte blanche to the VTCs🖐🏼, but it does come a more liberal🆓 regulation, always with an eye to an optimal regulation of transport 🚲, cities 🌇 and traffic🚦.

👉🏻 Here the news about Uber in its greenest stage 🍀.

👉🏻 Here the news about the European ruling on the 1-30 VTCs ratio 🚕.

3. Do you see yourself as an heir? Maybe the flat you are waiting for is already being polished by your elders 🥳.

The Proptech sector is constantly growing and evolving**. In one of the most turbulent periods in housing in living memory🏡,** digital solutions are multiplying and specialising.

From half-stay rentals📆, to viewings and closing rentals entirely online 🖥️ (without setting foot in the property) to companies that sell your flat in less than 60 days guaranteed🔏.

More and more options are appearing on the horizon 🐎 between Proptech, Fintech and Insurtech. We are talking about solutions aimed at older people 👴🏼 who are looking for liquidity 🫰🏼 without losing the right to live in their usual home 🔑.

This format still works very timidly 😳, with few annual operations, but last year the Bank of Spain 🏦 encouraged financial institutions to launch this type of operation, and Santander and Mapfre are working on it 🤝.

Given that the forte of banking in this country (with honourable exceptions) is not the digitalización🏛️, it seems a great business idea Fintech-Proptech-Insurtech oriented to the senior profile 🧓🏼 for the sale of the Nuda Propiedad (sell the flat, keep the usufruct) or Hipotecas Inversas🤓.

👉🏻 Here the news that explains the product Reverse Mortgage and Nuda Propiedad 🧮.

👉🏻 If you have in hand 💎 a Proptech business idea (or any other *Tech)schedule here a call with one of our experts for a first analysis 📞**.**.

4. When Glovo was about to go public: Oscar Pierre tells the story at SouthSummit 🛵.

Oscar Pierre, Founder and CEO of Glovo, explained at the South Summit some of the battles that 🥷🏼 fought in all these years at the helm of the company. One of the most shocking, when he was about to go public (thank goodness no😮‍💨) and when he sold Glovo to its main competitor, Delivery Hero (thank goodness sí👏🏼).

Oscar Pierre's approach gives us an example of the ferocity of start-ups when they are already of considerable size and the only option is to lead mercado💪🏼. In other words, unlike the traditional channel, there is no room for segundo👋🏼. And there is no place for the third or hablamos👎🏼.

As a curiosity, the deal was closed at 23:30h on 31 December 2021🥂. And it's a good thing we didn't go public because the share price of the company that bought it, Delivery Hero, was 130 euros at that time. Two years later, it is around 34 euros. Thank God, Oscar Pierre 🤲🏼.

👉🏻 Here is the report on the adventures of Glovo's CEO at the South Summit. It is worth reading it and feeling the vertigo 😰 of selling or not selling.

5. Mundimoto, the motorbike marketplace, closes a €10 million round 🏍️.

A passion driven to become the largest motorbike marketplace in Europe**. The company, founded by Josep Talavera in 2019, has managed to close a €10M deal for its growth 🪴 and consolidation 🏗️.**.

This deal involves not only capital, but also strategically important partners such as Mutua Madrileña Ⓜ️**. For the co-founder and CEO, this means that his plans to consolidate leadership, not only at national level, but also europeo🇪🇺, can materialise🫡.**.

The next step is Italia🇮🇹, where they plan to open the first subsidiary outside Spain**.** On the business side, the company will start offering subscription services to any of the 🏍️ models they offer**. An innovative and very attractive second line of business for undecided and/or capricious bikers 🤩.**.

👉🏻 Here you have the news of the injection of 10M€ for Mundimotos 🏍️💨.

👉🏻 Find out here if you are thinking of spending a summer on two wheels ✌🏼.

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