Wallbox, Sesame, 11x, Ffarm and working abroad

Wallbox, Sesame, 11x, Ffarm and working abroad

Updated on May 10, 2024

1. Wallbox recharge their income with 431m in the first quarter of 2024🔋🚀

The electric mobility revolution continues to advance at full speed, and Wallbox is at the forefront with good news: they have reached 431 million euros in just the first quarter of 2024⚡

Wallbox, known for their smart charging solutions for electric vehicles, has seen spectacular growth thanks to their continuous innovation and expansion in international markets. Their strategy has not only been effective but also sustainable, driving a greener future🌱.

This Catalan startup has captured the attention of investors and consumers alike. Their fast chargers and advanced technologies are transforming the way we recharge our vehicles. Since its foundation, Wallbox has focused on energy efficiency and ease of use, two key ingredients in their success🌍🔋.

The financial results not only reflect an increase in electric vehicle demand, but also the confidence in Wallbox as a sector leader. With this momentum, they plan to expand their product range and further improve their services, consolidating their position in the global market.

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2. Sesame receives €23M to revolutionize HR with AI🧑‍💼🤖

Sesame, the human resources management company, has just closed a €23M financing round💰 led by PSG Equity. This Valencian startup specializes in applying artificial intelligence to improve HR processes, from personnel selection to talent management.

Their goal is to simplify and optimize tasks that are often complex and tedious. With this injection of capital, Sesame plans to expand their team and improve their technology. They also have their sights set on internationalizing their solution, taking it to markets such as the United States and Latin America🌎.

Sesame's AI not only makes life easier for HR departments, but also improves the employee experience. By automating processes and providing predictive analysis, it helps companies make more informed decisions and be more efficient.

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3. Working abroad, does it still make sense?🌍📈

For years, many talented Spaniards have emigrated abroad to develop their full potential, especially in the healthcare sector, seeking opportunities in countries like Finland and Norway. Companies like Workwide have cemented their success by connecting international employers with this talent, in a traditionally atomized market full of small players.

However, the trend is changing. With the rise of remote work, it's no longer uncommon to find tech profiles working for American or European companies from paradisiacal places like Bali or Malaga!. Yes, from the beach and enjoying some espetos!🏝️🐟.

This new reality represents a unique opportunity. The traditional small players in the international employment market, with their experience and knowledge, can seize this trend to expand their horizons and, why not?, create the next unicorn in the sector. A perfect example of adaptation and evolution in times of change💼🚀.

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4. London startup 11x revolutionizes AI and raises a seed funding round from Benchmark 💸

11x, the young promise in the world of artificial intelligence, has just secured 7 million dollars in a seed funding round led by Benchmark. The startup, based in London, specializes in AI technology to transform entire industries with its innovative approach.

The main idea of 11x is to make AI applications accessible and useful for companies, without the need for super expert developer teams. Their platform enables companies to integrate AI solutions simply and quickly, optimizing their processes and reducing costs.

What makes 11x special? 🤔

  • Intuitive platform: Facilitates the creation and implementation of AI models.

  • Maximum automation: Automated processes that improve efficiency.

  • Continuous support: Constant assistance for companies to maximize AI usage.

In the words of their CEO, Lucy Brown, "We want to democratize AI and enable any company to benefit from its advantages, regardless of their size or resources."

With this capital injection, 11x plans to expand their team, accelerate the development of their platform, and expand their presence in new markets.

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5. Fintech Farm expands to India and closes a $22M funding round 🌱💳

The British fintech Fintech Farm, known for its digital banking solutions, has just announced a $22 million financing round for its expansion in the Indian market. The round was led by several international investors, highlighting their ambition and growth potential in the financial sector.

Fintech Farm specializes in creating "neobanks" in emerging markets, offering innovative and accessible financial services through their digital platform. Their goal is to facilitate financial inclusion and provide modern banking tools in regions where these services are still developing.

Strengths of Fintech Farm:

  • Accessibility: Easy-to-use digital banking services.

  • Financial inclusion: Reaching people without access to traditional banking.

  • Innovation: Utilizing advanced technologies to enhance user experience.

Plans in India: With this new funding, Fintech Farm plans to launch their platform in India, a market with vast potential due to its large population and growing adoption of mobile technology. CEO George Kachmazov stated, "We see an incredible opportunity to transform the banking landscape in India and make financial services accessible to everyone."

The company has already demonstrated its success in other emerging markets and is ready to replicate their model in India, where the need for accessible digital banking solutions is high.

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