How we changed the way
to lose weight with Dietly.

The Challenge.

Delve into why people give up on diets to create an efficient solution that helps the world stay at a healthy weight throughout their lives.

The Result.

A different method that adapts to the user's real daily life, with open diets and monitoring through an intuitive app with access to a motivational online coach.


The Big Truth.

No one wants to eat chard on a daily basis: diets aren't working.

64% of men are overweight, compared to 44% of women. These numbers increase every year in the developed world, affecting all age groups. They are the highest figures in history and they are escalating.

We detected that users are generally aware of the problem; in fact, 94% of women have tried to diet at some time in their lives, compared to 88% of men. However, their efforts aren't producing the desired results.

As society increases spending on health, wellness and personal care, for example, with increases of between 6% and 8% in spending on diet food, we're still trapped in a spiral of excess weight.

Diets aren't working because sticking to them implies a completely new lifestyle with unappetising and restrictive menus. The low success rate of diets calls for a new concept of user-centred food.


The Dna

Only diets that work.
Change adapted
to users.


Easy choice: only diets that work.

A selection of open, non-restrictive diets and food guides, without closed menus. A gradual and appetising change that's sustainable over time.


Synchronising motivation.

Matching motivational peaks with the most demanding challenges and relaxing them when users are at a valley, on a mind-body
balance timeline.


Support always available 24/7.

Pathy or doubts are the most dangerous times when all the effort is at risk. Permanent user support keeps your spirits high.


A tool for Disrupting the market.

An app to lose weight
you'll never need again.

Dietly is a weight loss app that completely changes structures that were taken for granted in diets. We detected the main stoppers and found a solution in a disruptive format that's easy to follow and that requires minimal user intervention.

It all works in 3 lines of action: open diets, motivational coach and daily weight loss and mood updates. Making it more user-friendly and adjusting the frequency of reminders, we achieve the ideal number of interactions to reach the goal.


100% Tailored.

A tailored and modular development, without templates or shortcuts, to shape an experience that fits users like a glove.


Api Rest.

Api Rest technology, which guarantees scalability and standardisation. A guarantee to grow when and how we want.


Real Time.

We know that nobody likes waiting. That's why all our searches are in real-time. Find what you want now.

Key Feature

AI Coach.

Dietly's Coach works as chat support that's available 24/7. It's programmed to answer questions about food or boost motivation when the
mood drops.


Key Feature

Open Diets.

No closed menus. We have adapted dozens of diets to become criteria for what to eat, turning away from impositions. Choosing what to eat among several options creates a reasoned habit that lasts in users.


Key Feature

Context assistant.

Our diets are choices that are highly conditioned by our context. With Dietly, you can handle dinner with friends, a work lunch or a holiday without skipping your eating pattern based on where you are.


The Change

With a 4.8 score in stores and a 50% installation rate, Dietly helps thousands of people improve their quality of life every day.

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