How the home pharmacy
saw the light of day.

The challenge.

Create a system that allows the user to buy online pharmacy products and medicine without prescription and receive it at home, respecting the laws and regulations for the sale of medicines.

The result.

A mobile app that unifies the catalogs of the closest pharmacies and offers the best quality price basket to the user, with home delivery in less than 2 hours.


The Big Truth.

When you are sick,
you don't want to leave the house.

The global same-day delivery habit has been growing for more than 10 years, reaching a market value of $5.78 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow (CAGR) by 21.1% in 2027, reaching $20.363 billion.

In Spain, as in the rest of Europe, the average expenditure is growing year by year, and the percentage allocated to self-care, wellness, and OTC (over the counter) drugs is becoming increasingly important, reaching 29% of total pharmaceutical expenditure.

It is estimated that there are almost 30,000 riders driving different types of vehicles that are part of the new urban landscape in Spain. Typical deliveries: restaurant, supermarket, technology, or gift orders. However, the most necessary home delivery for not leaving home, the pharmacy, has not been possible until now.

The pandemic has left us with new habits in terms of pharmacy purchases: 44% of users buy pharmaceutical products online (+2% more than before the pandemic). The main buyers are women, with an average monthly purchase frequency of self-care, hygiene, and health products for the whole family.


The Dna

Your home pharmacy. Finally.


All products in one app.

A unified catalog of more than 10,000 products for all pharmacies. With advanced search by category, symptom or active ingredient.


OTC and much more, direct from the pharmacy.

Delivery of medicines without prescription, following all the official regulations for the sale of medicines at a distance. Finally, you can order a home delivery of flu medicine when you are in bed.


Immediate delivery and tracking.

The importance of relieving pain as soon as possible. Thanks to a partnership with one of the same-day delivery companies, we deliver in less than 2 hours with real-time tracking.


An app that is shaking up the sector.

The only journey
in which your whole being changes.

Phill is the first application that digitizes pharmacies, achieving direct Same-Day delivery from the Pharmacy to the User. Simplifies product search, offers the best stock and price in the area and delivery in less than 2 hours. It offers a simplified sales channel to member pharmacies for local online sales, with all the guarantees and in compliance with the regulations.


100% customized.

A customized, modular experience without templates or shortcuts, to shape a user interface that is a perfect fit for our user in the mobile app.


Api Rest.

Api Rest technology that guarantees scalability and standardization. The guarantee that we will grow when and how we want from the first moment.


Real Time.

We know that no one likes to wait. That is why all our searches are in real time. Find what you want in a single moment.

Key Feature

Distributed Pharma Network.

The first network of local pharmacies unified under the same application, with independent checkout and 100% direct user-pharmacy relationship, without intermediaries.


Key Feature

Smart Cart.

A smart cart that chooses which pharmacy can deliver all your products, with the best value for money so that the order arrives complete.


Key Feature

Now or later.

Phill offers the user the possibility to buy with delivery in real time or scheduled for when they get home or work. The important thing is to feel better, as soon as possible.


The Change

The first app that enables real time home delivery of pharmacies in compliance with state regulations that changes the paradigm of online sales of medicines and para pharmacy.

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