Mundimoto, GPT Store, Imageryst, AI Washing and Amazon Temu Shein

Mundimoto, GPT Store, Imageryst, AI Washing and Amazon Temu Shein

Updated on Mar 22, 2024

1. Mundimoto accelerates growth and ends 2023 with €70M  ðŸï¸ðŸ’¨

Are we in the Golden Age of the used goods market? It's possible. Inflation, supply chain crisis, and diminished wallets that, at best, have no holes are making the used vehicle a highly sought-after product.

Mundimoto, the Barcelona startup bringing us used motorcycles, has shown that it is their time, ending 2023 with strong revenue: 70 million euros 🤑 That is, an 18% increase from the previous year.

After a planned dip in 2023 (they reinvested in growth), Mundimoto has set course for profitability 💼. Additionally, they are expanding their garage with new stores in Valencia and Seville, in addition to those already existing in Malaga and Madrid.

Next step? They have Italy in their sights 🇮🇹, where they hope the motorcycle market will further revolutionize their business.

With a team that already has 320 people, Mundimoto not only relies on motorcycle sales; renting is also skyrocketing, promising to give even more fuel to the business 🚀

👉🏻 Click here to read more about this speedy journey

👉🏻 Check out Mundimoto's proposal here and find your new 🫏 or fantasize about the Harley of your dreams 🏁.

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2. Expectations vs Reality: from the GPT Store that would democratize AI to the current SPAM chaos 🤖🚨

OpenAI launched the GPT Store as you already know and we told you at the time: a marketplace where developers can offer their own customized versions of chatbots, designed to perform tasks as diverse as programming, learning about scientific topics, esotericism, or even providing training advice. You can have a GPT for almost anything you can imagine 🌈.

However, this democratization with supposed human reviews has turned into a mess. Why? Because of that boomer thing of freedom vs. libertinage.

  1. Unlimited innovation: OpenAI launched the GPT Store, promising customized chatbots capable of doing everything, from programming to offering training advice 🏃🏻. The idea was to open up a world of possibilities with artificial intelligence. However, this new digital frontier has brought with it unexpected challenges. (Challenges is the assertive form 🙂. Dilemmas is a bit closer to what they have to resolve🤔. In their minds, it's probably tagged🏷️ as the ungovernable brown zone ðŸ¤¬).

  2. Moderation challenges: the GPT Store has been inundated with content that challenges OpenAI's policies, from GPTs that mimic art from major franchises 🦸🏼‍♂️ to others that promise to go unnoticed by plagiarism detectors, creating a whole movement about academic dishonesty. Despite OpenAI's moderation efforts, which include human and automated review, the effectiveness of these measures seems a bit iffy 🫳🏼.

  3. Uncertain future: this situation raises questions about how OpenAI will handle the legal and ethical issues 👩🏻‍⚖️ that arise with such content. The GPT Store is a small part of the unlimited potential of AI, but it also underscores the need for more effective moderation strategies to navigate this new digital world.

The GPT Store is proving to be a fascinating experiment about what happens when powerful tools are given to a very active and sometimes rebellious community. Will OpenAI be able to impose order? Only time will tell 🕰️.

👉 Explore the digital limit of personalized GPTs (and bet 🎰 on whether OpenAI can or wants to limit its most popular space).

3. Imageryst, the SaaS that democratizes access to satellite info, raises €700,000 🛰️📸

The Asturian startup has set itself an attractive and practical mission: to democratize access to data generated via satellite.

Information such as the state of a specific area and its specific data such as buildings, roads 🛣️, plots, pollution, or vegetation, among others, is the most desired information for companies to work more efficiently at all levels.

With clients like Iberdrola or Solum, they currently have a strong connection with the renewable energy sector, such as the monitoring of power grids, the location and installation of solar panels 🌞 or the maintenance of solar plants and wind farms🌬️, although they report that the ability to create value in the processes and operations of companies in different sectors is enormous.

Their strengths? Their powerful and user-friendly 🤗 API, focused on offering a product with an excellent source of data channeled through an intuitive and usable API to democratize access to information.

This €700,000 raised is available for the evolution of the product and for a motto that fascinates us 🤩 and is unusual: maximum simplification in the way we access satellite data.

👉🏻 Learn more about Imageryst and their stellar journey here 🌟

👉🏻 Here to access Imageryst's website and learn about their technology, use cases, and much more 🛰️

4. From Green-Washing to AI-Washing: have we learned nothing from What-if-I-told-you? 👺👋🏼

If you thought saying

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