Bene Bono, TheyDo, Embat, Lago and Packfleet.

Bene Bono, TheyDo, Embat, Lago and Packfleet.

Updated on Mar 15, 2024

1. The Bene Bono startup, which is changing the world of organic food, has managed to raise 10M. 🥦.

In a world where 1.6 billion tons of food are lost or wasted each year, Bene Bono has found a brilliant way to face this challenge. How? Recovering organic and imperfect fruits and vegetables that would otherwise be wasted. They have saved more than 2,600 tons of products and have offered them to consumers with discounts of up to 40% since it was launched🎉.

This foodtech contributes to the local economy not only by saving food, but also by collaborating with more than 400 organic farmers and 150 committed manufacturers. With the recent 10 million euros investment led by AVP (AXA Venture Partners), they are ready to complete the mission. They plan to hire new talent, expand their range of products, and advance their expansion in both France and Spain, especially in Seville🍻 and Málaga🐟.

👉🏻 Read the full article here

👉🏻 Check out their website 🤤.

2. TheyDo takes off with 31.1M to lead the large-scale journey mapping movement 🚀

TheyDo, based in Amsterdam, has secured an investment of 31.1 million euros led by Blossom Capital, with the participation of prominent customer experience evangelists like Steven van Belleghem and companies like Highsage Ventures and 20Sales. This capital injection will further propel TheyDo in its mission to transform the way companies handle their customer journey mappings, by integrating strategies, planning, and execution in one place 🌍, but...

➡️ What is journey mapping 🤔? A journey mapping, also known as a customer experience map, is a graphic representation of the process a prospect follows to reach a goal with a company. By using this map, the motivations, needs, and critical points of users during their journey can be understood.

With renowned clients like Cisco, Ford, and Johnson & Johnson, TheyDo embarks on a path towards impressive growth that puts them at the forefront of the most promising SaaS startups. 📈

The total investment is almost reaching 50M, marking another year of triple-digit growth.

👉🏻 Read the full article here and take a look at their website.

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3. Embat, the treasury management fintech raises 15M! 🌍💰

Embat has managed to draw attention in the most serious boardrooms and in all hipster cafés🧔‍♂️, thanks to an impressive 15 million euros injection in its latest Serie A round.

Antonio Berga, Carlos Serrano, and Tomás Gil lead a team of financial wizards who have created a platform to simplify treasury management in companies, making it as easy as swiping on Tinder. More than 150 giants like Wallapop and Cabify have bid farewell to accounting headaches by automating processes and saving up to 75% of the time dedicated to these tasks. 💼🔧

With this new investment, Embat seeks not only to expand to other territories but also to transform corporate financial management through the use of artificial intelligence.

👉🏻 Read the full article about the round here 🌐

4. Lago🌊 , there's life beyond Stripe Billing

The open-source billing solution based on usage from the Parisian startup is causing a stir in the SaaS sector and is backed by the colossus YCombinator.🌍✨

The premise behind Lago is as simple as it is revolutionary: Why settle for rigid billing solutions in a world where each client and each use is unique? Lago provides a foundation for engineers to build and customize, facilitating a fair billing model that grows with the business, let's say… a manual middleware.

During the first quarter of 2023, Lago was one of the fastest-growing open source fintech startups in Europe according to the ROSS index of Runa Capital, based on annualized growth parameters on GitHub.

Lago's journey has only just begun, but its vision of a future with flexible, transparent, and accessible billing is already redefining the landscape of SaaS solutions.

Those who want to delve further into this promising startup can immerse themselves in the turbulent discussions of Hacker News.

👉🏻 Conversations on Hacker News. 👉🏻 Visit Lago's website

5. Packfleet, the delivery startup secures 10M$ for its expansion 🌍📦.

In a world where packages move from one place to another, Packfleet emerges as the superhero🦸‍♂️ of e-commerce that guarantees carbon-neutral deliveries. Created by former employees of the neobank Monzo, this courier service is transforming deliveries with a formula that integrates technology, ethics, and a strong green commitment. At the moment, Packfleet only operates in London but has its sights set on broader horizons, it's important to keep a close eye on them.

Its hallmarks: a modern api, which is light years ahead of some last-mile companies we all know, and a thorough tracking of the carbon footprint of all their shipments.

The recent injection of 10 million dollars not only shows confidence in the business model by investors but also propels Packfleet to a new level. Packfleet is already partnering with some of the biggest brands in the UK, promising a service that is beneficial for the planet and the community.

👉🏻 Discover more about Packfleet and its vision and how they plan to make the world a better place.

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