Constructech, Holaglow, Cargofive, Tuio and the fintech b2b

Constructech, Holaglow, Cargofive, Tuio and the fintech b2b

Updated on Apr 5, 2024

1. The future is already here, and it's made of wood: the rise of ConstrucTech in Spain 🏗️

If you thought building was only a matter of bricks, think again. Spain is joining the innovation train with startups like 011h and Checktobuild, redefining the digital skyline of construction.

These companies, along with Woodea and ROOM2030, are pushing a traditional sector towards modernity, with solutions ranging from software to sustainability 🌿. Investors are not left behind, with 35 million euros injected into 011h. This is not just building, it's smart building.

Spain, a country with a tradition of promoters, new construction, renovations, and a pickaxe everywhere, has seen its best (and worst) times as a result of the construction sector.

But where is this market heading? The answer is something we are exploring at Jekyll (hopefully we can say something more soon), with 3 clear drivers giving us the clue:

  1. Housing crisis: the problem of access to a home by young people requires solutions for purchase or rental capable of responding quickly, reliably, and efficiently.

  2. Aging housing stock: with an average age of 43.5 years, we are talking about well-aged buildings. Without renovations, it devalues the asset and limits stability to form a life project. Watch out! That drain was born before you.

  3. Bad reputation in the sector: in construction and renovations, indispensable and hardworking professionals work; however, no one wants to have to deal with delays, breaches, low quality... Of course, they are not all like that, but the most formal ones are super coveted.

In short, ConstrucTech is the great opportunity for real estate to appreciate with the highest guarantees in the construction and renovation process

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2. Holaglow, shining with its own light in the aesthetic world! 💫🌟

Holaglow, the startup for personalized facial routines, has not only closed a 1.2 million euro investment round, but has also consolidated its space in the health sector, focusing on skin care and aesthetic well-being. With the support of heavyweights like Guillem Serra from Mediquo and other Business Angels, this startup aims to conquer the Spanish market 🇪🇸.

In less than a year, Holaglow has planted a flag in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, and that's just the beginning! Julio Ribes, the brain behind the operation and former founder of Swipcar, has big plans. From strengthening the brand to opening new clinics and launching digital verticals, the future looks bright (and beautiful) for Holaglow✨.

The secret of its success? A powerful combination of quality, safety in its medical-aesthetic services, and the expert direction of Dr. Sonsoles Espí. It seems that Holaglow is ready to make skin care and aesthetics more accessible and effective for everyone💆‍♀️💆.

👉 Read the full story of its success here and get ready to give your personal care routine a glow-up!

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3. Cargofive, revolutionizing freight transport with 2.5M€ in its pocket💰🚢.

If you thought the world of freight transport was still stuck in the last century, Cargofive is here to prove otherwise. This Lisbon-based startup has just fattened its bank account with 2.5 million euros thanks to Indico Capital and EIT Urban Mobility🌍. Its mission is simple but monumental: digitize and streamline the tangled processes of the transport sector.

With a platform that looks like it came out of a science fiction novel, Cargofive makes searching for prices and schedules no more complicated than ordering a pizza🍕. The magic lies in its technology, which allows generating quotes in the blink of an eye, leaving behind the tedium of spreadsheets and endless emails.

And beware, we are not talking about just any initiative: more than 100 customers around the world have already made the leap with Cargofive, including some heavyweights in the sector. With the new capital injection, the startup plans to go even further, expanding across Europe and America and accelerating its product development🌐.

The future of freight transport is already here and it's called Cargofive! 🚀

👉🏻 Here's the complete article to discover how Cargofive is changing the game 🌊.

4. Tuio, the Insurtech that challenges Elon Musk: a self-service model in the style of Netflix and Amazon🚗💡.

Gone are the days of endless paperwork and tedious paperwork to manage our insurance! An insurtech is revolutionizing the market with a model that reminds us of our beloved Netflix and Amazon, but applied to the world of insurance 🏎️. This company has the typical value proposition that makes us wonder: why hadn't anyone thought of it before?🤔

The key to its success is self-service. Yes, you read that right. Just as we choose our next favorite series or add that gadget we like so much to the cart, now we can manage our insurance with the same ease and from the comfort of our couch🛋️.

But what does Elon Musk have to do with all this? Well, it's simple, they had their ups and downs with Musk's army of lawyers because apparently tuio and twitter... have something to do with each other? wtf. In the end, to change the name to X...

The message is clear: the future of insurance lies in making life easier for users, allowing them to have total control over their policies, coverage, and procedures without the need for intermediaries.

And you, are you ready to manage your insurance while catching up with your favorite series?📺🍿.

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5. Fintech doesn't stop: full steam ahead towards maturity!🚀

Did you think the fintech world couldn't surprise you anymore? 💥 Think again! In the latest Fintech Observatory, organized by Business Insider and Visa, heavyweights in the digital financial sector came together to take a look at the future.

Among the highlights, the possibilities of B2B fintech as the new frontier of innovation stood out. In addition, the use of synthetic data promises to make a difference, keeping our privacy safe while innovating at a giant pace thanks to AI 🤖.

But it's not all roses: regulation remains the boogeyman of the sector. However, with an attitude of turning problems into opportunities, the industry is more alive and vigorous than ever, placing Spain among the European leaders in fintech. And if we talk about the future, get ready for innovation at breakneck speed, with even more personalized payment solutions and data security tighter than Fort Knox 🏰.

👉🏻 If you want to know more about how fintech is reinventing itself, here is the full article.

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