Doctolib, Emili.Ai, Elvie, Solarmente and the dark future of TikTok

Doctolib, Emili.Ai, Elvie, Solarmente and the dark future of TikTok

Updated on Apr 26, 2024

1. Doctolib becomes a giant in France and looks towards Europe🌍

Doctolib, the healthcare platform that has become almost a public infrastructure in France, is valued at 5.8 billion euros after raising 500 million in its latest round💸. With 80 million patient accounts and 900,000 healthcare professionals registered in three countries, its dominance is undeniable in France, but will it also conquer Europe?🇪🇺

The healthcare giant is expanding products for doctors, such as teleconsultation services and an all-in-one platform that manages medical information. As it consolidates in Germany and learns from its recent expansion in Italy, Doctolib continues to innovate in a highly competitive medical sector, developing AI tools to improve the productivity of doctors and patient care👨‍⚕️.

The healthtech sector in Europe has a horizon driven by the convergence of technological innovations and advances in healthcare. With a renewed focus on preventive health and personalized treatments, healthtech companies are leading the charge towards more efficient and patient-centered healthcare. From mobile applications that constantly monitor health to state-of-the-art medical devices powered by artificial intelligence, Europe is nurturing a diverse ecosystem of startups and established companies that are redefining healthcare standards.

👉🏻 Learn more about how Doctolib is transforming healthcare in Europe here.

👉🏻 More about the business possibilities in the Healthtech industry.

2. Emily.AI, the AI that takes care of your breathing just secured an injection of €480K💰

Let's talk about health and technology because Emily.AI has just closed a round led by BStartup of Banco Sabadell, adding several business angels✨. This startup has developed a medical device that adapts oxygen therapy in real time according to the needs of each patient👋🏼.

The difference is huge: traditional devices do not respond dynamically, limited to hospital environments and static patients. Emily.AI promises to take respiratory health to another level, offering a perfect solution for both clinical and home environments🏠.

This technology not only brings great value in the effectiveness and safety of the treatment, but also represents tremendous efficiency for hospital environments, optimizing resources and time⏱️.

👉🏻 Here you have all the information about the financing round and how Emily.AI is changing the game of oxygen therapy.

👉🏻 Learn more about Emily.AI and its innovative solution here and discover how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing healthcare.

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3. TikTok on shaky ground in Spain!🎭

Despite TikTok's resounding success in Spain, its future looks cloudy due to a storm of regulations🌩️ (lately it's been raining a lot in Europe…). Although the Spanish government has not publicly expressed objections, the new EU regulations could drastically change the landscape. TikTok, with around 20 million users in Spain, faces the challenge of adapting to the EU's Digital Services Act (DSA), which seeks to control online content even though platforms are not directly responsible for it🔍.

In the midst of this regulatory whirlwind, TikTok has also withdrawn monetization funds, leaving creators without a direct source of income from the platform📉. With the disappearance of TikTok Lite, a trimmed version launched exclusively in Spain and France, the company shows its willingness to collaborate, but the future remains uncertain.

👉🏻 Discover more about the complicated future of TikTok in Spain here.

👉🏻 Tiktok also faces challenges in the USA.

4. Elvie, the femtech titan, accelerates with a £9.6M investment!🚀

Elvie, the disruptive British company in female health technology, has managed to raise 9.6 million pounds in its latest funding round💸. This capital mainly comes from investors who had already bet on Elvie, reaffirming their confidence in the company's vision and products. With this injection, Elvie plans to scale its innovation and strengthen its infrastructure to remain a leader in the femtech market🌍.

Since its launch in 2013, Elvie has been a pioneer in the market, being recognized for its innovative products such as the

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