About us.

We create better futures
through innovation.

What We Do.

Jekyll is the Startup Builder.
We build disruptive startups for visionary founders & corporations

We create startups which transform sectors and challenge the established models. We build online businesses that are ready to grow by working with clients who are one step ahead.

From the beginning, our work responds to a single interest—solving real user needs with a perfect market-fit, balanced with a profitable and scalable company projection.

We are not an Startup.
14 Years launching innovative products to the market.

What do carsharing, logistics, healthtech, online fashion and neobanks have in common? Working in depth with different sectors has provided us with a transversal view of the digital economy and the mind of the consumer.

With multidisciplinary teams focused on innovation and through a methodology that brings order in the midst of chaos, we have launched user-centered products to the market, offering radically different answers to your questions.

The Innovation Ecosystem.

Taking care of the innovation ecosystem from its foundations.

For innovation to take shape, different teams are required which look at issues from different angles. An open environment and horizontal structures that promote lateral thinking.

It's a brave bet which we have embraced from the beginning. This is the only way to achieve high levels of involvement as well as the assurance that each person has enough space to grow.

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the world?

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